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A Recipe for soulFilled Living

Recipe for soul-Filled Living…to my global sisters!!

Start with one cup of talent, and three cups of gifts,
Blend in a heap of goals, and add a can-do attitude to this.
Stir in seven tablespoons of dreams, a cup of good habits and nine dashes of belief,
A few more key ingredients and this invigorating recipe will be complete.
Infuse sprigs of servant leadership and intentional flavoring to this bubbling roux
Whip in spirit of greater good, and essence of a spice called courage to be you.
Add an ounce of purpose, some grit and unwavering resiliency too,
Mix in a tablespoon of divine vision, and saute these ingredients just for a few.
Combine a half-cup of persistence, with a hint of passion sweet,
Together, personal passion, purpose and persistence will make this recipe unique.
Toss in a pinch of gingered hope, some love and a hint of fresh faith,
Pour in two pints of focus and a quart of determination according to taste.
You need to add a pound of courage, a cup of forgiveness, maybe two,
Shake in a branch of lemon grass, a bit of soul seasoning ads gusto to this wonderful life stew.
Simmer all of the ingredients and be sure not to boil,
Remember that to achieve anything in this life, there will be some toil.
Anything you mentally conceive, you can most definitely achieve,
Everything first begins as a vision, a quest; a precious dream.
Fill your plate; enjoy this dish, your hearty life stew,
Let it guide, inform and nourish, all that you do.

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