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Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams!

ImageCourage comes in all forms and in a variety of fashions; for courage is overcoming your fear of something, and forcing yourself to try to do the very thing that causes a great deal of trepidation. 
We have all come face to face with a moment in time, an activity or a task that provoked strong feelings of inner turmoil, discomfort and strife. At that precise moment, we had to make a decision; will I give into my fear or will I force myself to grow; will I seek to expand my personal experiences, will I choose to push forward. 
It can take courage to sing that solo at church, or make that presentation at work. It can take courage to share your honest feeling with a family member, a friend or even your mate. It can take courage to go to the doctor when you suspect that you are not well. It can take courage to acknowledge your own personal truths. It can take courage to hop onto an amusement park ride, or to change a habit that is stifling your personal growth. After a failed relationship, for some people, courage is needed before they are able to allow themselves to get involved with someone else again. 
Courage can be an extremely allusive thing, because often one experience, an attitude or a personal belief can stand in the way of our pursuit of the things that we want. 
We all harbor our dreams deep with our souls. Sometime we reflect on our dreams and for a few minutes we allow ourselves to think about how things can be. On other occasions, we keep them tucked away so that our dreams cannot intrude on what we are doing; after all we are simply too busy living life to be inconvenienced by our dreams. When that is the case, clearly we have not yet learned that until we follow the urging of hearts, we will be filled with discontent and longing. In the end, there is little comfort in settling, nothing gained when we succumb to what a dear friend calls the “dat-a-do syndrome” also known as “that will do.” 
Finding the courage to live your dreams, while frightening, can actually turn out to be liberating. When you discover the lifework that you want to pursue, the business you want to start or embrace whatever your dream might be, your life will become so much more fulfilling that you will ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long to pursue something that truly interested me?” Too often, we allow fear, the comments of others, or our own negative self-talk keep us from stepping out and trying to achieve what our spirits are urging us to do, from being our authentic self.
You can nurture greater personal courage by raising your conscious level and by confronting your inner most fears. Others ways to develop more courage are learning to be yourself in all situations that may confront you, by refusing to dwell on failure as a possibility, by planning and working to be prepared for situations, by developing an optimistic attitude, and be getting more in touch with your spirit.
Remember, you only get one life, so why not choose to spend it happily doing the things that you enjoy. Be courageous and persist until you achieve your life goals and your personal dreams. Follow your heart and listen to your soul. You truly owe it to yourself to use the talents divinely bestowed upon you in a positive fashion doing things that bring you immense joy. When you think about it, don’t you really want to become the person you were destined to become?

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