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Unlocking Your Gateway to Abundance

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching, and although there are a variety of viewpoints and feelings about this holiday and its origination, each and every day should be a day of thanks, a day filled with gratitude for the many blessings received.

     Each of us no doubt are filled with personal hopes, dreams and expectations, but many of us do not understand how to go about using our talents or know how to achieve our innermost personal desires.  Few of us understand that in life so much of getting is tied to how much we first give.

    Existing all around us, are the divine laws of life, and one of these laws is the Law of Abundance.  The Law of Abundance is rather simple and tells us that by giving you receive. This divine law tells us that we cannot truly enjoy the riches of the universe until we are willing to share them with others.

   Understand, abundance does not mean merely accumulating material wealth and numerous possessions.  For it is very easy to accumulate material wealth and abundance, while neglecting the nurturing of one’s spirit. Far too many of us are rich and entrenched deeply in materialism, but are poor and disenchanted in spirit. Those without often question how someone can have material wealth and still be unhappy. It is simple, we are all spiritual beings, and our well-being starts with inner peace, not with our list of possessions.

   Typically, when we do not give, when we become too shortsighted and self-focused, failing to give to others, we feel empty inside. Additionally, all of the things that we desire just do not seem to come our way.

   To unlock your gateway to abundance, I would suggest that you consider doing several things. 

   First, give thanks for all the wonderful things that you have received, and also be appreciative of all of your life experiences.  All of our experiences, both good and bad are designed to teach us, to help us grow and develop so that we can maximize our greatest potentials. When some events continue to reoccur in our lives, it is because we have not learned or we refuse to heed the lesson. Do not wait for Thanksgiving or special holidays to express your thanks and gratitude, do it daily, for life is a gift to be cherished

   Secondly, open your heart and soul and become a cheerful giver. Truly the more you give, the more you get. Your giving does not have to be money, trinkets, or other material things. Giving can take all shapes; a warm smile, an encouraging word, a special compliment. All of these forms of giving are just as important as material things. Whatever you wish to receive in life, you first need to give it to others.

    Third, give without expecting anything in return. The intention behind your giving is the key to unlocking the gateway of abundance into your life. When you give to create joy and happiness in the life of others, those same things will come back to you.  When we support the hopes, wishes and dreams of others, when you need a dream champion, one will appear in our lives simply because we have given so earnestly to others.

    Start practicing the Law of Abundance and watch your life become more joyful and feel your inner spirit soar.

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