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Washington, DC – The 2010 Annual Legislative Conference Author Pavilion produced by The Renaissance Group, LLC (TRG) will be at the Washington, DC Convention Center, September 16-18, 2010. This will be the 40th year anniversary, and the focus will be “where we have been” and “where we are going.”

 The Author Pavilion situated in the Exhibit Showcase, hosts the nation’s premier African American literary and scholarly talent who come from all over the country to sign and sell their books to an informed crowd of elected officials, activists, students, businesses, and representatives from government and private industry.

 Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe will be sharing insights about her books on September 17th, from 2:00pm -4:00pm. Do stop by and say hello.

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Without question, globally we are in an economic and fiscal nightmare that only seems to worsen each day; the housing crisis, the automobile industry dilemma, the crippled economy, joblessness soaring, the cost of living becoming unbearable, and unrest constant at home and abroad.

While I say, although most tell me my imagination has run wild, that this situation is “Mother Earth” spanking the planet for allowing the presidential election be stolen from Al Gore several years ago; for treating the planet like a waste dump as we have wrecked the environmental balance with our total disdain; for participating whether actively or as spectators to man made wars and superficial conflicts; for allowing disparity to continue in our school systems reflective of a zip code; for believing that the outer ware can heal the wounds inner there; for observing corporate executives pillage while we simply grin and bear it; for setting bad examples for our youth, causing girls to believe that their only value is vulgarity and boys to think having a player’s card is a badge of honor; for striving so hard that mounting debt became unimportant as feeling one belonged, keeping up was the most important thing; for tossing healthy relationships out the window only to involve ourselves in game playing when it comes to family, friends and significant others in our lives; for disrespecting our gifts and talents refusing to even attempt to live up to our potential choosing instead to just settle or get by; for walking around with no spirit of community, no true sincerity when it comes to helping one another as best we can; and for losing our spiritual values when without this moral compass one will ultimately get lost.

Right now, some of us are lost, literally wondering aimlessly in the desert of discouragement, as the realities of the challenging times have paralyzed us into a proverbial state of fear and inaction. While to varying degrees, all of us are being taught some critical life lessons, and we in our own ways are having to adjust to the concept of “less” right now, less money, less time, perhaps less hope; to make choices; to conserve more and waste less; to actually ponder carefully our next move; to tap into that creative wellspring, one’s personal gifting, believe it or not, right in the midst of this storm we are all facing is opportunity; opportunity to uncover new prospects in all areas of our lives.

We are in the season of the “solopreneur,” that’s right people like you and me who create small business to either generate our own incomes, to supplement salaries earned at a job you thoroughly enjoy or dream of leaving one day, or in an attempt to make essential ends meet. If you have never thought of yourself as an organization, a corporate entity, it is time to embrace your solopreneur your mind. You are ME, Inc. whether you ever thought of yourself in that fashion or not, but by now, you should have come to realize that you can not rely on “daddy organization” to take care of you or supply your needs. Without question, the ME corporation should be prevalent in your mind, as that is the organization that will work to create your life, your savings, your retirement, your legacy. Start to think of ME, Inc as my energy, my envisioning, and my earnings.

If you are sitting around waiting for the gold watch or a pension, certainly your head has been under a big rock because American is broke, corporate America is even broker, and if you do not open up ME, Inc. this “brokenness” syndrome will overshadow your life as well. If you choose to do a little research, you will find that you are a descendent of some of the most creative people that ever walked on this planet, some of the original entrepreneurs. If you research a little more, you will uncover the fact that your ancestors were some of the most resilient as well, with keen survival instincts, knowing how to make a way when no way seemed possible, and no pathway existed. With job losses high and traditional employment options limited, more people will find it critical that they consider some form of self-employment and small business creation.

With it easier and more economical to start a business, more people are finding themselves forced to consider a business, whether to provide another stream of needed income, or to merely replace income lost at the hand of a disappearing job, or diminished work hours. With technology readily available to support a small business, and retirement not an option at the time planned because of corporate mismanagement or financial crisis sapping away retirement funds, small business development is anticipated to soar, particularly among those considered to be at retirement age, amongst those attempting to reach their potential, and for youth who find their employment prospects, with or without university training somewhat limited. Without question, this is the “solopreneur” season as businesses created and run by individuals are predicted to be plentiful across both the Caribbean and the United States. Each of us has a product or service we can offer to others; creating a home based business is doable and has become necessary, as economist say we all need at least 4 streams of income to simply maintain the lifestyles we have created over the years. If you take the time to read Genesis in the Bible, you will find that from the beginning of time, the four streams foretell of our opportunities to attain abundance. So that means either one has to tap into their sense of innovation and ingenuity, or make some significant changes in lifestyle. Actually, doing a little of both would do us all some good.

So get busy planning the grand opening of ME, Inc., for those individuals and organizations willing to take a close look at products, processes, performance management and productivity, even in this time of uncertainty and constant change, will soon find that opportunities will be boundless, even if recognizing them requires a bit more mining; but for those striving to simply maintain, unwilling to actively pursue the art of continuous improvement in their lives and work, these individuals and business entities alike, may just find themselves unable to complete, because we will continue to witness the interconnectedness of our global economy, and this interconnectivity must begin within everyone, for if not, you, even organizations, might find themselves left behind.

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