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What a day to remember; CABA 2009 was awesome… listening to the creative reflections of Derek Walcott and Paulie Marshall, just to name a few, made this edition of the Caribbean American Bookfest in Miramar Florida an excellent showcase  celebrating the power of words… got an opportunity to showcase my three books…and the art exhibit in Miami was thought provoking…..

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I am excited about the launch of my global sister circles, the Circle of 99 during the Barbados Manufacturing Expedition 2009 (BMEX). The Circle of 99 is a think tank for women and girls that focuses on their personal and leadership development, as well as provides entrepreneurial and career planning support.

For seasoned, emerging, and the would be entrepreneur, the Circle of 99 is a personal, business and leadership network for women around the globe. Sharing knowledge, career and life wisdom; hosting events, and mobilizing women worldwide, women and girls are being invited to step into the circle and then guide its growth into their communities. The intent is to create of Circle of 99 on every island, in the 50 states, Canada, and selected communities worldwide.

The benefits of joining the circle are numerous; women will share knowledge, resources and barter services; career and business development training and information will be provided online and during local seminars, Circle of 99 assembled life and career experts will share wisdom with women and girls in the circle so that they too can create and enjoy more fulfilling lives. Using inventive technology provided by sponsors CaribVoice Radio and 365 Web Radio, Dr. DeFoe will be afforded the capacity to link with all of the women in the circle at any given time.

“This is an opportunity for women to harness the knowledge, skills and support that often goes untapped. Too often, women suffer in silence or feel uncomfortable reaching out to other women because sometimes we do not know how to, or feel threatened mentoring and coaching one another. The Circle of 99 represents an elevated mode of thinking, a chance for women to learn how to work in collaborative, cooperative partnership so that we all can truly manifest our destinies, experience personal joy and greater fulfillment. The number nine is of spiritual significance as it represents divine completeness, for no matter what you multiply the number by and then add its product, the sum is always nine…hence this circle can be a source of unity which serves to uplift the individual, the family and ultimately community.”

Women who are interested in learning how to create such a circle for women or girls, or to become the Circle of 99 Ambassador on your island contact Dr. DeFoe at dradefoe@gmail.com.

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Author Catherine Tyson Launches Book in Grand Cayman

Counselor Catherine Tyson, (dressed elegantly in black and white) has written a delightful book called, I Am Somebody’s Mama, and I got the opportunity to be the featured speaker at her memorable book launch. This book is a must read for women everywhere, whether a mother or not…..

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While being interviewed on the Jesse Peterson show recently, the notion that women are too weak to lead was raised and I was asked to respond. How absurb for anyone to think or even speak such an idea. Women have been leading for centuries, and from where I sit, and from what I see, a weak leader has nothing to do with gender. Women in key leadership positions still trail the number of men, and if gender was the decisive factor and men are more genetically equipped to lead, then why is society in the mess that it is in, if you follow my lead. I believe that while individuals are born with a range of aptitiudes, becoming a transformational, visionary, result-oriented leader can be taught, and is very much a choice Sadly in 2009, there are still men, and some wome as well, who feel that the backroom is where women need to stay. I refuse to accept this limited thinking, what about you??

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