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Follow Her Lead: Women Uplifting Others From the Backroom to the Boardroom!

Soul Source Foundation Women’s Empowerment Event at Southview Country Club in West St. Paul. Keynote speaker Naomi Tutu,standing in the middle, shares an afternoon of uplifting African music and a room full of people supporting the educational growth and personal development of women in Kenya.

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     Your t…

     Your today is here, right now, this very moment and now is the time for all of us to get busy 
with the business of making various aspects of our lives fulfill the desires of our hearts.
    Before you can begin that process, you must first make sure that you have officially shut 
down all of your past operations, that you have brought last year to closure, and that you have
learned and heeded the lessons wrought from your past experiences. Have you let past hurts,
anger, disappointments, discouragement, betrayals, jealousy, bitterness go? The past is gone
so truly you must leave it there. So, if that means you need to have a good cry, a shout to rid
your body of emotional toxins, begin a journal or write a letter to express what you are feeling
inside, do it, so that you can bring your “whole self” into today.
     Dwelling in the past is one of the most dangerous dream snatchers around, and far too
many of us for definitely far too long hold on tightly to past hurts, broken promises, even
unproductive relationships and we become stuck.  Instead of us seeking release and moving
forward, we dance on fleeting memories and cling to past experiences, wrapping ourselves
tightly in this negativity, becoming entirely too comfortable with feelings that we need to let go.
     Finding spiritual and personal healing is the gateway to personal achievement. Being 
a “whole” person unlocks the floodgates to opportunity, inner peace and joyful tranquility. 
Before you can get about the living you seek for today, putting the past in its proper
perspective is a definite must.
     I urge you as you read the musings of someone who shares your desire for personal and 
career satisfaction, to decide exactly what you want to achieve and go forward flowing to
achieve your aims with the determination of a colorful kite on a windy day.  Whatever it is,
write it down with some specific steps that will carry you to your desired journey’s end.
With that done, all that remains is for you to simply get busy.  Tomorrow is certainly not
promised so there is no good reason to put off till tomorrow what you can start doing today.
   With that in mind, I say to everyone as you read these words, decide today to “Give yourself 
MORE and MORE.” MORE self-love, MORE self-respect, MORE self-pampering…..MORE purpose,
MORE determination, MORE faith…MORE hope…MORE compassion…MORE opportunities to
pursue your dreams….MORE chances to develop positive relationships with family and friends
….MORE occasions of personal and career joy, and MORE choices that contribute to your
becoming the person that you desire, that individual that answers to the call of your true spirit,
your divine destiny.
   What is MORE?  MORE is Maximizing Our Resources Effectively in support of our own 
personal good, as well as the greater good.
     Take your gifts and talents off of the shelves and use them; dust off your hopes and 
dreams and pursue them, muster up your purpose and persistence and achieve them.
   Decide to earnestly give yourself a chance, and definitely decide to “Give Yourself MORE 
and MORE.”

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