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Step into the Circle of 99 With Me for Triumphant Tuesdays As We Explore Healing the Abused Woman Within & How to Live Soulfully!  Monthly, the second Tuesday,  from 7pm-8pm EST,  Conference Call In Number 559-546-1100,Participant Access Code 263923#.

The First Call is slated for January 11th. Email dradefoe@gmail.com to receive your “Soulful CheckUp”  before the call, so you can uncover the spiritual wounds it is time to finally heal.

Together, let’s find our INNER HEAVEN in 2011.


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Expand your mindset, and peer through a different lens this year, become a voiceOLOGIST. What is that you ask? This is one who dares to discover their unique voice, and moreover has the courage to walk this personal truth. Individuals and industry are striving to find their VOICE, as those who find their VOICE become unstoppable when it comes to executing GOALS.  Finding and honoring this boundless passion for doing or creating that thing that makes the HEART sing is without question, the key to finding YOUR INNER HEAVEN during 2011, and the roadmap to bliss for years to come.

Nestled inside of us all, so often tucked in the innermost corners of our spirits is divine potential; potential so significant it can be beyond the human ability to imagine such possibilities.  At birth, unique treasures are placed inside of us, but commonly circumstances; situations; disappointments; our  choices; even the words of discouragement spoken into our lives, hamper us; making it ever so challenging to recognize our personal pathway to fulfillment and joy.

Labeled as an international thought leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human potential, Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., has penned, The Element:  How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. Over flowing with words of wisdom and tools that can transform your life, this book  is a must read for those seeking to uncover, harness and unleash their individual talents.  In writing this book, the author shares that his desire is for people to truly view their potential through a different lens, particularly since innovation and creativity are fueling our current 21st century, globalized, technologically driven world.

Robinson aptly defines the element as “the point at which natural talent meets personal passion; when people arrive at the element, they feel most themselves, most inspired and achieve at their highest levels.”

Exploring the journeys of people from all walks of life, representing an array of occupations, Robinson details how passion, natural gifting and talents can often be extinguished, misdiagnosed, even discounted in the absence of discovering and pursuing one’s element. Employing a delightful mix of humor and heartfelt sincerity, Dr. Robinson clearly describes how we can all manifest our inner treasures answering the call to destiny; rather than just merely sleepwalking through life, wasting both our time and talents.

Bursting from the pages are stories of artists, scientists,  entrepreneurs, business and governmental leaders, teachers, faith leaders, human development practitioners and countless others who faced fear unrelentingly and with courage pursued the calling of their spirit; ultimately journeying to great levels of success, positively impacting the lives of many. The reader will be surprised at the array of well-known individuals Robinson interviewed for this book, all who were told they were not talented or were wasting their time in pursuit of the things they were most passionate about , the lifework they felt compelled to manifest.

In this book, the author suggests that when people find and work in their element, a heightened sense of identity, well-being and purpose are derived. Simply put, when we discover our gifts and talents and passionately pursue them in our lifework and careers, we then experience a sense of completeness beyond compare.

While neither the author nor those who share their stories insinuate for one moment that your element comes without intense introspection and an intentional decision to seek more meaning in one’s life, the common message is that upon making this discovery the spiritual illumination felt is unparalleled.

The notable takeaway from reading this book is a better understanding of the attitudes and conditions in which the element can be identified and the seeds of hope which are catalyst for it to flourish in our lives.

This year earn your PH.D (Pursuing, Higher Dimensions) in VOICEOLOGY!!

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